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Worried about short distance travels during the pandemic? – Here’s your saviour

On March 24th midnight, all travelling means like Cabs, Flights, Trains in India had come to a standstill due to the pandemic lockdown. But as India starts to Unlock – offices, gyms, malls etc opening up, the main question in our minds is “How do we travel safely for small distances again?”. Whether it is buying groceries, going to the office, visiting our relatives or for an airport pick-up/drop-off, the mere thought of us or our loved ones using public transport like buses or autos gives us tension and worries.

The safest mode of transport for shorter distances right now is Cabs. Citizens can now opt for cab booking online at the comfort and safety of their homes and travel safely without much worries. Here’s a list of guidelines and precautionary measures for both cab drivers and passengers to make the travel safe.

  1. Cab drivers are required to sanitise their car after each trip, before they accept any new rides.
  2. Customers and drivers should sanitize their hands before entering and exiting the vehicle.
  3. Both the customer and driver should have the Aarogya setu app on their phones.
  4. Wearing of face masks, gloves and use of sanitizer is mandatory.
  5. Maintaining zero physical contact throughout the journey is advised.
  6. Use of digital payments is encouraged.

In addition to the above guidelines, there are quite a few private car booking companies that have come forward with various safety measures to reassure their customers and maintain safety of both the customers and their driver partners by giving hand sanitizers and face masks to the drivers and also training them about personal and cab hygiene.

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