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Xiamen: The Full Package Destination


Brick by brick the city of Xiamen is growing to be a haven in China. And although it remains an underdog to cities like Beijing and Hong Kong, it still pulls in the numbers.

And every year more people continue boarding Cathay Pacific flights to this location. So what makes the city of Xiamen so unique? 

Well, below is a list of the exciting things about this city. And we’ve separated the to-do activities for the visitors, from those looking to stay.

In any case, you’ll have a perfect time while in this town.

Let’s get right to it.


Why Xiamen is a Dream Destination for Tourists

The Lure of Gulangyu Island

The city of Xiamen has two islands, and one of them happens to be this Gulangyu. On this island, there’s much to do as there is to see.

For one, it’s the home to the beautiful Shu Zhuang garden, a paradise not too far from the sea. While here, you’re treated to an aesthetic scene that calms your spirit.

And if you prefer adventure, then you’ll love sunlight rock. Here, you get to climb the two rocks leaning on one other and enjoy majestic scenes from the top.

But if education your thing, take a trip to the piano museum. You learn a lot about the history of the piano and even, get lessons.

The Aura of Hulishan Fortress

It’s a place that was once used for protection from enemies, but now it serves as a historical landmark. This fortress stands tall as a reminder of how far the country has come.

While there, you can take pictures of the old guard, and walk through every inch of its 13,000 square meters.

The Peace of Nanputuo Temple

On the South East of this island is the magnificent Putuo temple. This calm place surrounded by sea, is home to the Buddha and Pilgrims. People crowd here every 1st and 5th of the Chinese calendar, to pay homage.

But most days, it is a quiet and peaceful area. So, you can enjoy some serenity, and climb the hills behind the temple to get a better view of Xiamen. You’ll also love the ivory sculptures, Buddha images, and artifacts inside the temple.

Its Relaxing Parks

Xiamen is also known for its free parks.

The Bailhuzou Park

This park is notorious for its fun and games. You can ride a bike, walk the dog, and feed the pigeons by the square. The egrets and fountains in the park are also something to behold.

Haiwan Park

In this park, you get a relaxing day by seaside with the calm breeze caressing your skin. And while sipping your favorite drink from the open bars, you enjoy the avenue of stars.

These computerized stars are thousands of LED lights, strung together for display.

Hongshan Park

Now for you who love a good scene, then Hongshan park is the place to be. You can climb to the top of Hong hill and feast your eyes on the beauty of Xiamen.

In fact, this point is higher than the Gulangyu hill. So rest assured you’ll love what you see.


Why it’s the Ideal Location to Settle

It’s Perfect Weather

For most of the year, you’ll love the warm subtropical weather in Xiamen. During this time, you get to have fun outdoor activities with friends. You can go for swimming, nature walks and even play games like soccer.

And when it gets cold and windy, you love the indoor experience as well.

Its Strategic Location

Going in and out of China is easy from this city. In fact, if you want to leave the country, you can book a flight to Taipei, spend the weekend there and come back.

There are no restrictions, so long as you have a passport or visa. It’s the best place to explore the whole of Southeast Asia.

 Friendly People

The people of Xiamen are warm and welcome visitors from any part of the world. You get exclusive treatment on arrival that makes it feel like home.

You also get lessons on their culture and can meet lifetime friends in this place.


To wrap it up

Xiamen is a great place for anyone looking to settle, or visit. It’s an exclusive city that offers the pleasure of life. And as they say, you’ve not seen China until you’ve been to Xiamen.



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