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So you’ve decided you want to travel more and work less, but there’s one thing holding you back. Money! Or should I say lack-of-money? With this in mind, we’ve created Your Kick Ass Travel Budget Calculator to help you get your finances in order.


There are a few tried and tested strategies in our back pocket that we’ve successfully put into action to help us get out of debt and save money. You can use these same strategies to create positive cash flow when you’re travelling. Sounds pretty good right!?


First things first. We strongly believe that before you can make any positive impact on your finances, you first need to recognise where you’re currently spending your money.


“You first need to recognise where you’re currently spending your money”


It may sound tedious, but the first step to saving money, is having an understanding of where your money is going in the first place. Much the same as someone wanting to lose weight uses a food diary to jumpstart his or her success, this is a process in becoming aware of your spending habits. This can be confronting at first but it will be so worth it when you’re sitting on that sun lounger sipping Pina Coladas on some tropical island with cash in the bank!


So, to start making some changes there’s some work to be done. To move from living pay cheque to pay cheque, or worse drowning in debt, to having an abundance of money that allows you to travel more and work less is going to take some commitment to new habits. Habits that involve being AWARE of how much money you’re spending!


Step 1: Download Your FREE Kick Ass Travel Budget Calculator

I put together this amazing tool, which is our gift to you! Yep, you can download this for FREE! Our hope is that using this travel budget calculator will help you get your shit together and save some serious cash!


Your Kick Ass Travel Budget Calculator
Want to know how you can save for your next holiday? Download the calculator to help track your finances.


When you download your kick ass travel budget calculator you can immediately start tracking your daily, weekly and monthly spending. You can set your travel budget goal and kick off 2017 with the intention of having some incredible travel adventures with cash in the bank!


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Step 2: Use some of our money saving tips to help you along!

These days we’re way better with our money…and when I say ‘we’ I mean Vic. I’ve always been pretty good with money, but I’ve had to teach Vic some of my tips and tricks!

Here are a couple of tips that will help you save some extra cash with little to no effort!


Collect all of your gold coins


In Australia, these are our $1 and $2 coins but depending where you are just go with the coins of the highest value. If one of these bad boys lands in your wallet, don’t spend it! Keep a money jar at home and collect every single one that comes into your possession.


One year Vic saved up $1000 by doing this and bought herself a new Macbook. She even had to go to the lengths of buying a money jar that she had to smash to get into it so she couldn’t raid it! Go figure.


Go one step further and collect all your $5 notes!


With inflation as it is, collecting $5 notes could help you put away some serious cash in a short space of time. Same thing applies…as soon as one of those bad boys lands in your wallet, resist the urge to grab another skim capp and pop it away in your travel fund!


Call it a night when you’ve had enough to drink


I remember the first time I wanted to backpack around the world. I had little to zero savings and was earning minimum wage. I couldn’t see how I was going to save the cash I wanted for my travels.


One of my work colleagues had just got back from a big trip around Europe and Africa. I was impressed because I knew he was earning about the same as me. I asked him how he saved so much and his answer blew me away.


“Just don’t buy the last drink of the night!”


Huh? How can that save you enough money to go travelling for 1-2 years? I couldn’t grasp how not buying the last drink could mean saving lots of money, but he challenged me to give it a go.


I’m uber competitive so immediately took on the challenge, ready to prove him wrong.


The next night I went out with my friends, we were all enjoying a couple of drinks at a bar. Here in Australia, if you’re at a bar we buy a round of drinks for the table. So someone buys the first round, then you buy the next, and so on.


After a couple of drinks I’d had enough to drink. But my mates were still keen to drink on. Normally I would’ve had another because everyone else was, but remembering my new challenge I stepped out of the round. And my mates kept drinking.


Even though they said they were only going to have one more, that became 2, 3 and even 4 more drinks. And if you’ve ever had several drinks you’ll know that at the end of the night drinks get more expensive. You know how it works, everyone starts on a beer or glass of bubbles, then by the end of the night there’s tequila shots and vodka.


If you’re really up for a challenge and are 100% committed to saving some serious cash then try giving up booze altogether! We did it for 16 months purely to be more productive in our life and business but a side benefit was saving a heap of cash!


Step 3: Start planning some epic adventures!


Having a plan when it comes to saving money is awesome but you want to keep your eye on the end goal. Decide where you’re going to travel to, how long you plan to go for and who you want to go with. When things get tough and you’re having a bad day, the thought of getting on that plane and heading off on the trip of a lifetime will be all the fuel you need to get you through!


Got any awesome money saving tips? Share the love below!


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With a serious passion for travel, Elaina escaped from the senior management corporate world so she could spend more time doing what she loves…hanging out with friends, meeting awesome new people, travelling the globe, surfing and snowboarding.

Her greatest travel adventure to date was cycling her bicycle from China to Vietnam and into Cambodia…all with no clue on how to change a tyre! This cheeky Aussie loves to push boundaries and is a sucker for adrenalin sports.

She’s also pretty happy behind a camera and has snapped some pretty epic shots all over the world. Elaina grew up in Australia and has also lived in England and the USA where she was a snowboarding instructor.

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