What All Are Waiting for the Puerto Escondido Visit

Visitors to Puerto Escondido may take a seven-hour bus ride from Oaxaca or a succession of domestic flights from different regions of Mexico to reach the destination. In spite of this, it’s frequently surprising to hear that there hasn’t been much high-end construction in this beachside town on the Pacific coast. The sun, the sea, the sand, and the seafood are still the main draws here, but there aren’t many expensive hotels or beachfront bars to take advantage of those attractions. Surfers have been flocking to Puerto Escondido for decades, despite the fact that the rest of the world has only recently begun to appreciate the area’s laid-back attitude. Get psyched for your next holiday by checking out our list of the best things to do in Puerto Escondido in Mexico. Here are the Things to do in Puerto Escondido.

With its laid-back vibe, moderate development, and plenty of visitors, Puerto Escondido is one of Mexico’s most popular beach destinations, yet it is much less crowded than Cancun or other major beach locations.

When it comes to the southern Pacific coast, you’ll come across a diverse group of people from all walks of life: natives, surfboard-toting Australians, juice-toting health types, and party-hard travellers.

It’s possible to participate in world-class sports like surfing, scuba diving, fishing and yoga at or near the beach throughout the day.

Carrizalillo’s beach

Playa Carrizalillo, one of Puerto Escondido’s most popular beaches, with waves that smash on the sand all day, allowing for ideal conditions for surfing. Beginner and intermediate surfers will find this beach ideal since it is easily accessible and does not have the huge waves that the pros manage farther up the coast. As a novice or intermediate surfer, this beach is perfect for you. Surfers and non-surfers alike may enjoy an iced-cold margarita while they rent beach umbrellas, get fresh fish tacos from one of the beach huts, and watch the waves from the comfort of their own chairs.


Consider staying in Carrizalillo while you experience Puerto Escondido’s best attractions if you want to be near to Carrizalillo’s barrel-surfing beaches and seafood restaurants. After breakfast, take a stroll down the cliffs to Playa Carrizalillo, where you’ll discover roughly 160 steps going down to the water’s edge. The rest of the day is yours to decide. Make the most of your vacation by renting a surfboard or taking lessons from an expert, reserving a sunbed and an umbrella, or doing nothing more taxing than relaxing and watching the waves roll in.

The Zicatela Playa

The Pacific Ocean waves that smash against Playa Zicatela’s beach may occasionally reach heights of up to 4 metres (13 feet) as they approach the shore. Because the current is so powerful, swimming is out of the question, yet you’ll see surfers out on the ocean all day hoping for the Mexican Pipeline’s deadly swell. In the past, Playa Zicatela has held world championships in surfing, making it a professional surfing area. If you don’t feel up to the challenge, there are plenty of beach bars where you can relax and watch the professionals while enjoying a nice beer.

The Zicatela Point

Three kilometres and two miles long, Playa Zicatela contains sand, surf and the beach bars. In contrast to the northern end of the beach, the southern end at Punta Zicatela is a more laid-back destination. If you’re a beginner surfer who has taken a few lessons, Punta Zicatela is the beach for you. Punta Zicatela is popular among backpackers for its laid-back environment, healthy smoothie bowl, and vegan tacos. For those who want a more laid-back vacation, Punta Zicatela is an excellent choice. You’ll need a drink and a michelada as you watch the surfers from the beach.

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