What to see in Albania: 3 cities you cannot miss

Are you planning to visit Albania with your family? Do you want to know Albania where to visit? These are the 3 magnificent cities that should not miss during your trip to Albania.


Undoubtedly, its stone covers without mortar, held simply by the magic of gravity, captivate you as soon as you arrive in the city. What you cannot miss in this city are the castle, the internal bunker under the castle, Skendull house, and Zekate house. These houses are kept as period houses from the 19th century. If you are interested in learning more about, the guide will tell you everything about the rooms, the use of it, the construction, etc.

Berat: Albania Kosovo

Berat, or better known as the city of a thousand eyes for the configuration of the windows of the houses, is a world heritage site since 2008 along with the already mentioned Gjirokaster. The connections to Berat are not complicated, from any of the best known cities there is a van that goes here.

  • Castle and its citadel: located on the top of the mountain on which the Mangalem neighborhood rises.
  • Mangalem neighborhood: landmark historical neighborhood.
  • Gorica neighborhood: this is where you can find the cheapest accommodation and restaurants with the best views of the city.

Albania Tirana: the capital city

It is here where you will find the most contrasts between its people and between the neighborhoods: the poor and the rich mix in a somewhat strange way. In the same street you can find an off-road Porsche and a Fiat with almost 30 years. Gastronomy is the second thing that you shouldn’t miss in Tirana. What to see and do in Tirana?

  • Try the ice creams, especially the chocolate and yogurt ice creams
  • Eat pizza from the wood-fired oven of the pizzeria that is next to this ice cream parlor,
  • Et´hem Bay Mosque,
  • National Museum of History of Albania,
  • Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Albania,
  • The building known as the Pyramid.

Albania is still a country with few tourists if you compare it with its neighbors Greece, Montenegro or Croatia. Therefore, you are going to enjoy its local people and its completely remote places without people much more. There are many more routes, places and cities to see. If you plan to live in the capital for a while, it is good. You can easily find good accommodation here at affordable prices.

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