10 Budget-Friendly Tips for an Eco-Friendly Travel Adventure

Traveling is a privilege that not everybody gets to have. This is the reason a lot of people have travel goals set up for themselves.

With that said, if you save up enough, you could be lucky enough to get to go on a trip yourself.

However, these trips can be expensive. In fact, they can be more expensive than you realize due to unexpected expenses.

Also, when you are traveling, you might be leaving more of an impact in your destination more than you realize. Unfortunately, this impact can be negative to the local environment.

With that said, here are ten budget-friendly and eco-friendly travel tips that you need to know.

Prepare an itinerary for your trip

The reason you might be spending more than you thought is because you are not sure about what you plan on doing on your trip.

When you do not have a travel itinerary, you would not know what your estimated costs will be for the trip. Aside from that, booking any trips or tours in advance usually would be cheaper than doing so on the day itself. Thus, you should take the time to prepare your itinerary before you go on your trip.

With that said, you should definitely plan ahead. It will be easier for you to budget and plan where to splurge and where to skimp on your trip with an itinerary to guide you.

Remember to pack light

Another way you can save some money when going on a trip is to pack as light as possible.

By packing as few items as possible, you ensure that you are not going to exceed the baggage limit. Thus, you are spared from the excess baggage fees.

Aside from saving you money, the best luggage brands that is light and durable will make it convenient for you to travel. Due to the fact that it is light, you will not have any trouble lugging it around with you during your trip.

To ensure that you pack light and do not miss any of the essentials, list down every important thing you need to bring with you. Some examples are documents and identification, toiletries, clothes, cash, any medication, electronic gadgets, and so on.

Do not book a first-class flight

Of course, one way to save money during your travels is to not go on a first-class flight. Besides, if you are trying to skimp, an economy flight is your best option.

Another incentive as to why you should not book yourself a first-class flight is because it is not the most eco-friendly way to travel.

In fact, it is way less sustainable than flying coach because you tend to consume a lot more when you are on first-class in a flight. At the end of the day, you are all going to the same place anyway.

Plus, if you really want to experience the first-class flights, there are other ways to do it that do not require you spending everything out of pocket. Some credit cards give this as a reward.

Smartly find a place to stay

To save money and be eco-friendly requires a proactive approach when it comes to traveling. On that note, you can travel without spending a lot on lodging while staying at eco-friendly places by doing your research.

There are plenty of accommodations that are proud to say that they practice sustainably in the hospitality industry. AirBnb is a great choice but only if you are sure that the owners of the place that you book still stay at the lodging themselves.

By staying in an AirBnb where the owner still stays at, you are practicing eco-friendly traveling. This is because there is not a waste of resources, as all of you are staying under one roof.

Unplug all electronic devices before you go

Whether you are out on the road traveling, one way to be cost-effective and energy-efficient is by being responsible over your electronic devices.

Make sure that you turn off any devices or lights and so on that you are not using. This will help save you money since you will not be consuming too much electricity. Not to mention that you are reducing the risk of electrical fires.

Also, you should make it a habit to unplug any devices before you leave the place you are staying at. Even if you say you are going to come back anyway, it is still a good habit to unplug everything.

Challenge yourself never to pay for water

One of the most common things people buy when they are traveling is a bottle of water.

Although it may be convenient to you, it actually can be a waste of money. Aside from that, it is not even an environmentally friendly choice.

What you should do instead is to bring a reusable water bottle wherever you go. That way, you do not have to purchase bottle after bottle of water.

All you would need is to refill your own bottle. That way you are not adding garbage that will be sent off to the landfill.

Eat and enjoy local food

When you are traveling to a new place, try and get out of your comfort zone in terms of the food.

Visit local street markets and have a taste of their popular dishes. You may also choose a known local diner and order their best seller.

By doing this, you get to develop your palate to newer and unfamiliar flavors. Aside from that, these are likely to be cheaper, so you are also saving money.

Another reason you should eat and enjoy local food is because it is a sustainable way of getting your meals. Most local food is sourced from what is available in the community.

That is great because sourcing and cooking your meals did not require a lot of carbon emissions.

Do cycling or walk to close destinations

When you are in an unfamiliar city, it can be intimidating to travel and commute around the area. However, commuting to your destination is one way to travel sustainability.

Avoid using cabs or taxis to get to your destinations. Consider renting a bicycle and use it to get to the tourist spots you plan on seeing.

Better yet, you can always walk to your destinations if they are near enough.

Use public transportation

Again, try using public transportation to be able to reach your destinations that you plan to visit and see. It helps you get to know the place you are in, plus it is cheaper to use public transportation.

Find eco-friendly tourism activities

Make sure that your tourism activities or destinations practice sustainable tourism, especially if they are handling animals. You want to make sure that they are taking care of the animals right and not exploiting them for tourist activities.

If you want to travel, you do not have to spend a lot of money to be able to do so. Aside from that, it is to be environmentally conscious when travelling. You are doing the local community and its environment a favor when you are being eco-friendly.

With this list, it should help you travel on a budget and, at the same time, be environmentally conscious.

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