24 Hours in Melbourne

Planning a visit to Melbourne? Here are our must dos for a day in Australia’s most eclectic city. Even if you’re only here for a quick trip, we hope our highlights of this awesome city will give you a great taste of what Melbourne has to offer. Trust us, once you’ve checked these off the list you’ll definitely want to stay longer than planned! There is just SO much to do here.

Combi | Elwood

This little superfood café was just around the corner from where we were staying and is always busy which is usually a sign of something great. They’re open for breakfast and lunch and serve up some mean organic superfood bowls, smoothies, great coffee and raw vegan meals.

St Kilda Bay | St Kilda

After breakfast, stretch your legs and take a walk down along the bay. From here you’ll have great views of the city, perfect to snap a great cityscape over the water.

Hosier Lane | Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the best places in the world for street art. Cruise around town and you’ll quickly see why. These peeps have got skills! One of the most popular places to see Melbourne’s street art offering is Hosier Lane in the city. Grab your camera and take wander around the laneway.

Chapel Street | Prahan & Windsor

If you’re heading to Melbourne, this vibrant street is a must do! Jam-packed with restaurants, great shopping, cafes and bars you could easily spend your whole trip here. Here are a couple of places we recommend on Chapel Street.

Juicy Dumplings on Chapel | Prahran

Looking for quick cheap eats? These dumplings are prepared fresh and are super tasty. For $10 we got the amazing chilli pork dumplings, which were delicious!

56 Bricks | Windsor

Want to check out some live music? This bar hosts local bands and DJs, so it’s a great place to unwind at the end of a long day of shopping with a drink and some killer beats. The interior features cool artwork by local artists including some super cool graffiti art by our friend Sarah Masson!

Southbank & Yarra Promenade | Southbank

Take a stroll along Southbank for a wide selection of bars, restaurants, cafes and shopping to choose from. You’ll also find the infamous Crown Casino situated on the bank of the Yarra River. If you’re looking for something fun to do, we ducked into the casino for a quick game of ten-pin bowling!

Saigon Sally | Windsor

Hands down, this has to be some of the best Vietnamese I’ve ever eaten! Besides having super tasty food, the restaurant has a really cool vibe. The menu has plenty to choose from, so we took the easiest option and went with the staff recommendation – the $59pp ‘Feed Me Feast’ that’s designed to share if there’s more than one of you ordering. You get some serious bang for your buck with a selection of entrées, mains and desserts. Seriously, the food was so good we’d book another trip back to Melbourne just to eat here again!

Naked for Satan | Fitzroy

When we asked for Melbourne recommendations everyone said we should check this place out. Think vodka shots + finger food + nudie wallpaper! On the ground level they offer tapas, which is priced by the toothpick. Each toothpick is $2, so load up your plate at the tapas bar! The staff also brings round a selection of hot tapas to your table too. We went on Sunday afternoon where the price of each toothpick halves – only $1 each! Upstairs there’s a restaurant and bar. Not only do they have an extensive bar menu, you’ll also get to enjoy epic views of Melbourne. Since we’re both off the booze for the year we got the barman to whip up some mocktails!

N2 Extreme Gelato | Fitzroy

If you’re ready to spoil yourself with a decadent after dinner treat then head over to N2. These self-proclaimed gelato scientists are taking gelato to the next level. The whole experience is extreme, indulgent and very unique! Just watching these guys prepare the gelato with liquid nitrogen is worth the visit. Guaranteed to get your taste buds dancing!

Melbourne is a super trendy city and with so many places to shop, eat, drink and explore it’s hard to squeeze it all into one day. We hope you enjoyed our one-day jam-packed highlights tour!

BONUS: Our top tips for getting around Melbourne!

There’s two ways we’d recommend for getting from A to B in Melbourne because, let’s face it, nobody wants to drive in the city with those scary hook turns!


Haven’t heard of Uber? Well you’ve probably been under a rock for the last few years! It’s like a cab service but with much better service and it’s cheaper! Download the app and enjoy a hassle free way of getting around. When you book through the app you’ll add your location and destination so the driver will be able to find you easily with their GPS. You add your payment details on the app so you don’t need to carry cash or pay at the end of your trip, bonus! Plus, you can track your car so when you’re waiting you can see exactly how many minutes away it is! Love it!

Keen to give Uber a go? Here’s a $25 voucher!


Melbourne runs the largest tram network in the world, so getting around the city is pretty easy. Plus if you’re in ‘green zone’ rides are free. 

Somewhere to Stay?

Hotel Tonight

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