3 Great Western Australian Destinations to Take Your Camper Trailer

It’s safe to say that travelling across Western Australia is on the bucket lists of many Aussies and non-Aussies alike. While there’s lots to see and do, such as taking a stroll along the Busselton jetty or attempting to get a coveted ‘quokka selfie’, what sets WA apart from most tourist spots in Australia is the unique camping opportunities that can only be experienced in camper trailers.

Western Australia boasts jaw-dropping, cinematic desert scenes, as well as some of the most unique wildlife found anywhere in the world. Travelling across sprawling Western Australia in a camper will grant you access to some of its most treasured and hidden gems. This article will take a look at three great spots to take your camper trailer in WA. 

1 Stirling Range Retreat

Located at the foot of the Bluff Knoll Ranges is a camping spot known as Stirling Range Retreat. Travellers will be immediately taken aback by the picturesque views of the Bluff Knoll Ranges as well as the feeling of peaceful calm that sweeps over the area. 

There are spaces for onsite campers and caravans, with kitchen and laundry facilities as well as a playground for the little ones. For travellers who would like to give their camper trailers a break, there are also cosy 2 bedroom chalets available, perfectly situated to take in the stunning sunset and mountain views.

With rare bird sightings, abundant native wildlife and some of the best nature trails in the country, you’ll have no shortage of things to do at Stirling Range, as well as plenty of space to relax, unwind and appreciate the views.

2 Osprey Bay

Switching gears to a more coastal location, Osprey Bay is located in the Cape Range National Park. Travellers can expect to be instantly captivated by the sprawling sand and sea that almost looks too good to be true. Travellers who are planning to camp in caravans and camper trailers will appreciate the low cost to book a campsite, with more than enough room to accommodate campers of all sizes. Although lacking in facilities compared to other campsites, the view of the rock-shelf shoreline and sandy enclaves exposed during low tide simply can’t be beaten, making this a must-see destination for anybody travelling in WA.  

3 Jarrahdene 

Often recognised as one of the best camping spots in the entire Margaret River region, Jarrahdene Campground is its own bushland paradise. History buffs will appreciate that the site was formerly an old timber mill that closed down sometime around 1913. Remnants of the mill can be seen on a dedicated walking trail that actually passes through the old mill site itself. Travellers will have access to camp kitchen facilities and well-maintained toilets. Camping sites themselves are affordable to book, decently sized, and spaced out enough to allow for privacy from others who may be travelling in caravans and camper trailers. If your WA journey takes you into the Margaret River region, the Jaraahdene camping site is a must-see and a great place for respite as well as reflection. 

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