5 Awesome Reasons to Visit Australia

Thinking about going to Australia when it reopens its borders to tourists? Well, you’re not alone! Before COVID-19 hit, more than 9 million people traveled there every year.

That’s an impressive statistic for a country situated on the other side of the planet! The fact that so many tourists make the trip to Australia despite the distance involved goes to show just how much this country has to offer.

Want to learn more about the joys of traveling in the Land Down Under? Read on for 5 awesome reasons to visit Australia whenever you next get the chance.

For the Outstanding Natural Beauty

Australia boasts mind-blogging beauty at every turn. It doesn’t matter where you go in the country either!

You could be on a package vacation in Victoria with Ingenia Holidays or backpacking the east coast with friends. From the Grampians National Park to the white-sand beaches of the Whitsundays, you’ll be greeted with stunning sights and unforgettable experiences in all the places to visit in Australia. Even the vast emptiness of its red-dirt interior has a unique appeal.

For the Beautiful Beaches in Australia

Australia is world-famous for its sun-kissed golden beaches as well. Trust us, this place is a sunbather’s dream and a surfing paradise! People come from all over the world to revel in the turquoise waters, catch the waves, and gawk at the muscle-clad lifeguards.

Sure, you might have to dodge the occasional shark or jellyfish. But if you can turn your mind off to the perils of Aussie oceans, you’ll never grow tired of the pristine beaches here.

For the Incomparable People

No list of reasons to visit Australia would be complete without mentioning the people! The locals are unlike any others you’ll meet on earth. Happy-go-lucky and always up for a good time, you’ll make friends in a flash, have BBQs in abundance, and always have a beer in your hand.

For the Perfect Road Trip

Another thing to note about the Land Down Under is that it’s enormous, making it the perfect place for a road trip. Honestly, of all the activities to do in Australia, this has to be one of the best. Want our advice?

Buy or rent yourself a campervan when you arrive in the country. With transport and accommodation covered, you have an unparalleled opportunity to explore this sun-scorched country. Park up in coveted corners, wake up to stupendous sunrises, and revel in the freedom of driving through the Aussie outback.

For the Wonderful Wildlife

From kangaroos to koalas, the Australian wildlife deserves a mention too! Visit the country and you’ll get to see these iconic marsupials with your very own eyes. And, yes, they’re every bit as cute as they seem on TV.

Of course, there are some less pleasant animals and insects in Oz as well. But don’t let the spiders, sharks, and snakes scare you off! Be sensible, take precautions, and respect the wilderness, and you’ll be absolutely fine.

Remember the Reasons to Visit Australia

As you can tell, there are a million and one reasons to visit Australia. This list only scratches the surface of the incomparable things on offer there!

We can’t recommend it enough and strongly suggest you hop on a plane as soon as the country reopens the door to tourists. To learn more about the wonders on offer in the Land Down Under, search ‘Australia’ on the website now.

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