5 Best Steak Cuts and Steakhouses That You Can Pick For a Flavoursome Experience

Steak lovers are mostly aware of the fact that different cuts taste different. Whilst some are highly creamy and fatty, some others have a more natural marrow flavor to them. However, whatever is your choice of the piece, the quality of cooking will make the maximum difference. Which is why it’s no wonder that different steakhouses across Canada have different ratings. It’s the method of cooking that determines how the dish turns out to be. So, the first 2 pointers you should be concerned about when choosing a steakhouse include the following:

  • The reputation formed over years of expertise in serving steaks. 
  • The cooking methods used to prepare the meals. 

Besides, even simple factors like proper cuts can make a vast difference. In other words, only those steaks that are cut with precision retain the natural flavor. That said, steakhouses like the Rib’N Reef steakhouse in Montreal is one of those few places that wouldn’t fail you. They hire cooks from all over the world to serve you with the best flavors. That being settled, next comes the different types of cuts you can pick from the abundant variety offered at Rib’N Reef

Porterhouse Steaks

These are the juiciest and one of the most tender steaks of all other varieties. Their moist surface – one such is filet Mignon and the other side is strip steak – retains the natural taste when grilled, broiled, or pan fried. 

Filet Mignon 

Also known as Tenderloin steak, the filet Mignon pieces are boneless cuts from the beef. They are quite lean and one of the finest pieces you’ll ever taste. 

Some specialty dishes made of Filet Mignon at Rib’N Reef are listed below.

  • Filet Mignonnette 2 Giant Grilled Shrimps
  • Filet Mignonnette Maritimes Lobster Tail

These pieces are enjoyed the best with the following drinks:

  • Sparkling Wines
  • Italian Red Wine
  • French White Wine 
  • Champagne
  • Bourgogne

Ribeye Steaks

These juicy pieces also go by the name Scotch fillet and they taste the best when roasted. Beside, these are one of the costliest steak types and are also known as ‘Melt-in-mouth’ because of the high fat content they have. 

PS: They are known to be the most flavorful steaks of all other types. 

Sirloin Steaks

These are one of the healthiest steaks since they contain less fat. Precisely, they are less creamy and more juicy. They are boneless pieces that are cut into thin slices. 

New York Steak

This is a popular boneless steak that’s known as Kansas steak or bone-in steak if the cut is left attached to the short loin bone. 

To sum up, these are the 5 best steak types that you must try to develop a taste for steaks at authentic steakhouses across Canada. 

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