5 Charming NYC Suburbs You’ll Fall in Love With

The bustling streets of New York City carry infinite awe.

From the towering skyscrapers to the uncommon characters, the city is abundant with personality and adventure.

Since New Yorkers might have mixed feelings about the city, eventually moving to the suburbs feels like the proper fit for many. For folks starting a family or just looking for a quieter area to slow down, the suburbs are a smart choice.

New York City suburbs or as charming as they are affordable. Neighborhoods in North County are divided into hamlets or jurisdictions.

Let’s dive into some of the best NYC suburbs that you’re guaranteed to swoon over.

Hamlets: Thornwood, Valhalla, Pocantico Hills

The town of Mount Pleasant resides in the rolling countryside.

With an excellent reputation for high-quality school systems and kind neighbors, there’s no doubt that starting a family in this quaint town is a smart move and is regarded as one of the best NYC suburbs for families.

With carriage-style homes surrounding its downtown area, history and culture are embedded in its streets.

Mount Pleasant is popular for its affordable NYC suburbs.

Hamlets: Armonk, Banksville, North White Plains

North Castle sits in a rural community with an almost luxurious country living feel.

The blended land bodes multi-acre estates, single-family homes, and gated communities. With its busy business district and cafes, it’s the perfect collaboration of bucolic living with cosmopolitan sprinkles.

With its limited train station access, North Castle is quieter than other commuter-heavy adjacent suburbs.

Hamlets: Chappaqua and Millwood

If you’re searching for one of the most affordable NYC suburbs, look no further.

The town of Newcastle with its rustic charm and wide-open spaces is a popular transition for those who lived on the Upper Eastside.

Ridden with farmhouse dwellings and classic colonial style homes it’s natural beauty pulls folks from all over.

Known for its beautiful landscape, parks, and recreation, Chappaqua and Millwood keep visitors traveling from near and far.

Hamlets: Bedford Village and Bedford Hill 

One of the most prominent factors about the town of Bedford is that it’s only one hour from Manhattan.

For metropolis dwellers who are still entertaining their love affair with the noise and bump of New York City, Bedford gives close enough access to make day trips.

Bedford is known for its picturesque farms, stone walls, and tree-lined roads.
It is notorious for having multi-million dollar manors which are scattered among affordable ranches, and colonial-style homes available for first-time buyers.

The Town Village of Mount Kisco

This village is a bustling passenger hub. Referred to as the big little village, it was a historic site along the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route.

A little louder than its neighboring suburbs, a mixture of condominiums co-ops, and townhomes keep residence collaborating in the community.

Mount Kisco ties it all together. It’s the best of all worlds and the melting pot you’ll appreciate. A place to truly find time to settle in and enjoy being in community with your fellow neighbors.

The Best NYC Suburbs Await You

The beauty of nature surrounding North County will keep folks busy with camping, fishing, and other recreational activities. All of which embody the true small-town trope with city access not far out of reach.

Plan A Day Trip

When it’s time to bid the days of hailing cabs and subway life adieu, the North County will be waiting for you with open arms.

Plan a day trip to explore the different hamlets that North County has to offer. The towering, lush trees and the rolling landscape is bound to give you a day for the memory books.

And you get to decide where that day trip takes you. Check out our website to learn more about uprooting and discovering new places.

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