5 Fantastic Things to Do in Phoenix Arizona With Family

In 2018, Arizona had 45.8 million overnight visitors. When you think of traveling to Arizona the normal destination that comes to mind is the Grand Canyon. 

And why not? The Grand Canyon has breathtaking views. However, do not miss out on what the neighboring cities, including Phoenix, have to offer. Phoenix is a short 4-hour trek from the Grand Canyon via car and the trek is gorgeous. 

As you prepare your travel itinerary, keep reading to find five fantastic things to do in Phoenix Arizona. 

Hole in the Rock

Hole in the rock is located in, Papago Park. This short hike, 0.3 miles, takes you up and around a small sandstone hill with a hole in the top. 

It is believed that this was used by the Hohokam culture as an ancient calendar that marked the seasons. From the vantage point up top, you can see beautiful sunsets and out over the city. 

The hike is good for hikers of all skill levels. Just watch the kids near the edges when you are up top! 

Phoenix Zoo

As long as you are at Papago Park, you should check out the Phoenix Zoo. The Phoenix Zoo has been around since 1962. 

This zoo is the largest non-profit and privately owned zoo in the US. There are plenty of animals to see with over 1,400 on display. You will also get your steps in with 2.5 miles of trails. 

Desert Botanical Garden

As you continue exploring Papago Park, you will also find the Desert Botanical Garden. If you are wondering what types of plants a desert garden could possibly have, well, besides cacti, then you need to check this garden out. 

This desert garden has 50,000 plant displays. Some of these displays include rare and endangered plants. Have a stroll through the garden and maybe you will be inspired to grow your own succulents when you return home. 

Castles and Coasters

If you are looking for a day to let the kids run free and tire themselves out, then spend the day at Castles and Coasters. This theme park is in the northwest part of the city. 

It is filled with rides and games that will thrill the thrill-seekers and provide hours of enjoyment in the arcade and go-karts for those who prefer more low-key activities. 

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you truly want to experience Phoenix you must see it from the sky. A hot air balloon ride will allow you to see the city and surrounding cities from a new perspective that is breathtaking.

Find the hot air balloon company that offers launch points that go by the sights you want to see and enjoy your ride in the sky. Look out over the desert and mountains and breathe in the fresh air. 

Have Fun With These Things to Do in Phoenix Arizona

Head out on your desert adventure and make sure you boost your family activities with things to do in Phoenix Arizona. There is so much to do in Phoenix you could spend days exploring!

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