5 Fun Things to Do on a Trip to Clearwater, Florida

Did you know that Clearwater, Florida is known for having one of the best beaches in the world? Within the US, it ranks number 1!

If you’re someone who loves going to the beach, then Clearwater is probably on your bucket list. But there’s way more to this city than just its beachy wonders.

Curious? Below are 5 fun things you can do in Clearwater!

Go on Boat Tours

You can always enjoy yourself on the beautiful white sands, looking out onto the crystal blue waters and skies. But why not get an alternative perspective?

Book yourself some boat tours to feel that brisk and fresh ocean breeze on your face! What’s great is, you’ll get to swim and snorkel in some sandbars and keys, plus spot some wildlife. And you and your friends can party on board while the captains provide you with some amazing views on their ships.

Check Out the Dolphin Trail

If you’re bringing your kids on your Florida vacation, then the Dolphin Trail is a fun family activity to do together.

This is a public art project that consists of, you guessed it, dolphins! There are over 100 dolphins made out of fiberglass that stand 6 feet tall.

Make a day out of finding every single one and taking pictures with them. Or you can just hope to run into some while spending time in Clearwater. We guarantee you will!

Spend an Afternoon at Captain Bligh’s Landing

This should be on your list of vacation activities, whether or not you have kids.

Captain Bligh’s Landing is an 18-hole miniature golf attraction. But it’s not just any ordinary mini-golf place; it’s terrifically pirate-themed! It’ll make for excellent pictures, especially on the wood pirate ship.

There’s also an arcade if you’d rather spend some quarters on video games.

Visit Moccasin Lake Nature Park

Are you a fan of nature? Then put this destination in when trip planning.

At Moccasin Lake Nature Park, you’ll be able to explore all 51 acres of it through natural trails. There are even hiking tours where guides tell you all about your surroundings.

Do notes that it’s only open from Tuesdays to Friday, so plan accordingly.

Take a Stroll Down Clearwater Beach Walk

Out of all the things to do in Clearwater, Florida, make sure you do this one!

Clearwater Beach Walk spans half a mile and gives you some of the most breathtaking views of Clearwater Beach. There are many shops you can stop at to buy some unique souvenirs.

If you want something more exciting, you’ll be glad to know that you can also cycle and rollerblade on the promenade.

Have Fun in Clearwater, Florida

Now you have a fun list of things to do when you visit Clearwater, Florida. So pack your swimsuit and flip-flops, and enjoy your time in the Sunshine State. You’ll have plenty to occupy your time with!

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