5 Quick and Easy Means to Earn Miles When You Book International Flight Tickets

Airline miles are often associated with flight tickets, but there are many other ways to accumulate the points. Even in the course of ticket booking, there are ways to earn miles. Here are five simple and quick ways to earn as many airline miles as you can when you are booking tickets for international travel.

Airline miles are as much as beneficial to customers as they are for airlines. The customers get to enjoy multiple benefits, and the airline company ensures loyal passengers.

One of the easiest ways to get miles is via booking of tickets. When you buy tickets, there are many factors you have to get, including travel insurance, good seats, meals, etc. Did you know that you can earn miles even from these elements?

Read on to know how you can accrue airline miles at every single step of ticket bookings:

Earn a Few Miles on Your Tickets

Airlines have a loyal membership programme through which they offer miles, discounts, etc. You may have to sign up for it after which you get a membership number or any identification code as per the airline company. Even those who do not sign up can earn miles with tickets, but to redeem the points, you will have to sign up. Whenever you book tickets, be it for you, family or friends, you get a specific number of miles, All you need to do is mention your membership number.

Select the Best Seat and Earn Miles

A good seat is imperative for a comfortable journey. There could be different preferences, as some love the aisle seats while some would prefer the seats near exit rows. And there is the much-coveted, much loved and the most popular window seats!

While you book your tickets, purchase your preferred seats, and earn some quick miles. 

Assure a few miles with your Travel Insurance

Be it domestic or international travel; travel insurance is a must to be considered. It not only protects you against possible losses during the trip but most importantly, gives you peace of mind. While there are many ways of purchasing travel insurance, it can be more beneficial if you book international flight tickets through the loyalty program website.  

For one, you get the best travel insurance covering you for all the risks and purposes that you will need. Second, you are also able to earn airline miles through it. 

Book Your Meals and Gather Miles

Long or short international flights, relish some great food on the go. Look at the meal options and purchase your meals in the flight. Even meal booking helps you add to your miles collection! So enjoy some delicious cuisines while knowing that you have also earned some meaty points with it!

Access Airline Miles with Lounge Access

When flying internationally, lounge access can be super helpful to escape travel stress and spend some time relaxing.  Depending on the facilities, you can enjoy complimentary snacks, a few drinks, get newspapers and magazines, Wi-Fi and more. Purchase lounge access along with your tickets for a comfy time in luxury. And why not when you can also earn extra miles with it?

Airline miles are helpful in so many ways. It is almost like saving money while spending. Try to earn as many airline miles as you can, so maybe next time, you can redeem these miles and get some of the above free!

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