7 Compelling Reasons to Visit Iceland

In 2019, before the impacts of the pandemic, Iceland had about 2 million foreign people visit its country. However, some people may be intimidated when they think about an Iceland vacation since they don’t know many reasons to visit.

Once you figure out a few exciting things to do, you’ll be planning your trip to Iceland in no time. Keep reading for seven reasons to consider when wanting to visit Iceland.

1. The Aurora Borealis

If you’ve heard of the Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights, then it’s no secret that they are a common tourist attraction. People from all over the world travel to catch a glimpse of these breathtaking lights. 

These lights are a result of the sun’s electric particles colliding and entering the atmosphere. Commonly, you’ll see a variety of colors from greens and pinks. However, they never look exactly the same since they change formation often. 

The Nordic nation of Iceland is located toward the top of the world, making it a great place to experience the Northern Lights. You’ll want to visit from September to April, during the winter months, for the best viewing experience. 

2. Summer Sunlight

During the summer months in Iceland, you can expect sunlight almost 24 hours a day. That’s because its location is so far North, geographically. The sun is still visible during the night hours since it doesn’t fully set. 

It will dip close to the horizon around midnight, but it will not get fully dark. That will be its lowest point for the night, and it will rise again within a few short hours. 

Many tourists enjoy this new sunny experience but often lose track of time because of it. The extra sunlight hours allow them to explore the land and make the most out of their time visiting. 

3. Hot Springs

Geothermal hot springs are one of Iceland’s prized attractions and are notorious for luring celebrities and tourists alike. They are perfect for swimming or relaxing at all times of the year and can reach up to 104°F.

The most visited hot spring in Iceland is called the Blue Lagoon. In fact, it’s one of the 25 wonders of the world and is famous for its spa-like setting. Many believe it has natural healing powers towards ailments such as psoriasis and arthritis. 

A basic ticket starts at $57 and increases with added options. This attraction is located close to the airport, allowing you to get there with a quick drive. If you don’t have a vehicle, visit circlecarrental.com for a rental. 

4. Waterfalls

As you can imagine, Iceland is packed with snow, glaciers, and ice during the winter months. Eventually, those long winters turn into summer. When it gets hot, that means everything will start to melt once the temperatures begin to rise. 

Then all of that melted snow and ice start running down towards the lower points of the country. Usually, they run to the coast and into the ocean. This then creates some of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the world. 

A great scenic route to take is the Ring Road, which will allow you to see many different waterfalls. The larger ones are marked for tourists to enjoy and experience along the way. 

5. Beaches

While Iceland is primarily cold, windy, and cloudy all year, you probably won’t be visiting to enjoy its oceans. That’s because they’re all usually too cold to swim in, and hot springs are a much better option. 

However, Iceland has an abundance of beaches located throughout the country. Many people flock here to enjoy them because its beaches are one of a kind due to their black sands and rock formations.

These secluded beaches are black due to Iceland’s volcanic ash and activity. The rock formations are known as basalt caves that form column-like structures. Plus, you’ll enjoy seeing the enormous icebergs found beyond the surf. 

6. Whale Watching

Whales are some of the world’s most unique and captivating animals that wander the oceans. That’s why whale watching has such a large following across the globe. It’s no secret that Iceland has Europe’s best whale sighting opportunities. 

Between April and October, the locals even promise a 99% chance at a sighting. The Icelandic whales make a massive appearance, making them one of the best reasons to visit Iceland.

You can expect to see whales like blue, bottlenose, minkes, and humpbacks throughout the season. 

The best way to ensure a sighting is to charter a local boat with an experienced guide. This will better your chances overall, instead of embarking on whale watching yourself.

7. Active Volcanoes

Volcanic eruptions created Iceland, and it is filled with active volcanoes today. Many explorations are done daily for tourists to join as well. 

One of the most popular ones to explore is the Þríhnúkagígur volcano. You’ll be able to travel into the heart of this now dormant volcano. Here, you’ll explore the caverns and view the aftermath of this once erupting setting.

Or instead, you can get a glimpse of the recent eruption of Mount Fagradalsfjall, a volcano that previously laid dormant for 800 years. Never get too close and consult an experienced guide for safety. 

Vacation Planning to Visit Iceland

Those seven reasons should get you excited about Iceland trip planning as soon as possible. You’ll relish in its beauty and love every moment you’re there. Your experiences will be one of a kind and create unforgettable memories. 

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