7 Terrific Reasons to Visit New York State

Did you know there was a whole state outside of New York City? Towns and places not directly associated with Manhattan?

Within the hills, valleys, trees, and countryside there is a world of leisure and marvels everyone seems to overlook.

How many things are there to visit in New York state?

Let’s go down the list!

1. That Other City

Not just the birth of hot wings and an enduring meme about grammar, Buffalo offers food, culture, and connection.

Buffalo is best visited in the summer, away from the sometimes icy winterscape.

You’ll find a growing ‘main street’ feel with walking tours, bakeries, coffee shops, and breweries. It also acts as an affordable home base to some of our other list options.

2. Hudson Valley

You can’t have a valley without mountains and there are several to visit on this list. The Valley itself features a college town, resorts, and picturesque little lakes. Travel through miles of trials seeing ponds and lakes with little shops and lots of character.

Let’s not forget the wine tours that thread their way through the area. IN addition to vineyards, experience orchards, cheesemakers, and idyllic old-world style towns that dot the landscape.

3. Adirondack Adventures

The west boasts a lot of mountains but New York sports a few of its own. Mount Marcy, the peak of the Adirondacks rises to a serviceable 5345 feet.

Hiking, trees, that clean mountain air, all within driving distance to an area bright enough to see from space. It’s like a world outside of a world.

Hit this area in the fall to experience one of the largest varieties of colorful foliage in the US.

4. Woodstock Revisited

The world-renowned festival chose this region for a variety of reasons and those reasons still thrive in the area.

Art, poetry, grass-roots thinking, and music all proliferate the town. Tourists visiting this mecca of freedom and rebellion fund a plethora of shops and eateries.

If you’re looking for something chill to do while visiting New York, you’ll find something refreshing in this slowed-down slice of the past.

5. Food

One of the benefits of traveling is checking out new foods. New York state doesn’t skimp in this category. A much as people may turn up their noses at the idea of ‘American cuisine, New York state shows this to be a real thing.

Local ingredients, small farms, culinary innovations that utilize influences far and wide.

6. Not Quite Canada

At the top of the state, you will find yourself at the border to Canada. This means you can check out Niagra Falls on the lee side without drifting over the border.

It also means you can take a tour of the basin along the lesser-known Horseshoe Falls.

7. Letchworth State Park

If falls are your thing, check out Letchworth to experience the ‘Grand Canyon of the East’. Gorges, anyone, waterfall, and small trails connect these sights outside of the barrage of traffic and grind of city life.

Visit New York State!

Pick a season and pick an attraction and you’ll find a reason to visit New York state. It’s a land that excited people of old enough to found one of the world’s largest cities so they would be near it.

For more travel and lifestyle ideas, check with us again.

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