8 Mandalika Dishes You Need to Try

Mandalika Culinary – Most individuals who plan a visit to Mandalika should be searching for its new sea shores and entrancing ordinary wonders. Nonetheless, Mandalika is likewise a spot that offers numerous dishes with remarkable flavors that will make your generally stunning excursion shockingly better.

What you’ll discover in Mandalika runs wide as far as taste and substance. Searching for something sweet, sharp, flavorful, or hot? Mandalika can give you every one of them. Discover the motivation of dishes to chomp while appreciating the outstanding excellence in and around Mandalika!

Bulayak Satay

Satay is a famous Indonesian that can be found in numerous areas of the country. Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara is one of those that have numerous kinds of satay. The first is Bulayak satay. Your decisions for the satay are either chicken, meat, or chicken innards.

You may believe that this isn’t any not the same as other satays. In any case, you’re in reality wrong. What makes bulayak satay remarkable is the Bulayak, a rice cake spirally enveloped by palm leaves. The appetizing taste with a delicate surface is unquestionably an incredible visitor for your sense of taste!

Rembiga Satay

Our next stop is another sort of satay, rembiga. The essential substance of this heavenly satay is meat and flavors. Dissimilar to most satay, rembiga satay doesn’t accompany nut sauce.

The flavor of this satay comes from the flavors spread everywhere on the diced meat. At the point when you put it in your mouth, the combination of flavors particularly makes a hot, sweet, and acrid sensation. The way toward making the satay remembers dousing the meat for the tastes for 3 hours in length. Would you be able to envision how delicate the meat is?

Tanjung Satay

We have seen chicken and hamburger satay, presently it’s an ideal opportunity to attempt fish satay! Like rembiga, tanjung satay isn’t presented with a nut sauce. The best tanjung satays are made of new fish. From that point forward, the fish are absorbed flavors. When the fish completely consumed the flavors, more flavors are spread on top of the fish to improve its taste. The fish will at that point be prepared to barbecue only for a short time frame since fish are amazingly delicate.

The second you chew into the barbecued satay, you will be invited with a hot vibe that may stun you. In any case, in one way or another, you will not quit eating.

Pusut Satay

If most satays comprise diced meat, this one should be different for you. Rather than piercing meat into the stick, pusut satay is made by curving the meat. Before the turning interaction, the meat is squashed and blended in with ground coconut and flavor. Along these lines, the flavors are not just on top of the meat, you can taste the delectability surrounding it.

Taliwang Chicken

A Lombok trip isn’t finished without a taliwang feast! You may have seen this dish in numerous spots yet Mandalika, the first home of taliwang chicken, is unquestionably the best spot to eat it.

For those who’ve attempted taliwang chicken, you may have wonder where the little pleasantness in the chicken comes from. Obviously, just youthful kampong chickens are utilized to make this dish. Thus, all the pleasantness normally comes from the chicken.

Taliwang chicken can be served in seared or broiled. On the off chance that you pick the simmered one, ensure it is cooked on jackfruit or espresso wood since it brings an unmistakable fragrance that makes your taliwang experience far and away superior! Remember to add Mandalika’s renowned plencing kangkung as your side dish.

Rarang Chicken

Yum! From the manner in which it looks, you may feel that rarang chicken shouts incredibly fiery. Notwithstanding, the degree of zesty rarang chicken has is fairly amicable. Try not to allow the appearance to debilitate you!

The flavor that particular rarang chicken from other chicken is the sabiye giro. Sabiye giro is the thing that individuals of Mandalika call chilies that are dried under the sun for quite a long time. Obviously, these dried chilies are likewise an additive for the dish.


The primary element of this short-named dish is a banana stem. From the substance, one may speculate this is a sweet like kolak. Be that as it may, the flavor of ares is really zesty. To enhance its taste, an expansion of coconut milk is compulsory as it gives a flavorful taste as you guzzle this Mandalika uncommon soup. You can imagine to taste Ares while sitting near wonderful beach in Mandalika.


Cerorot is otherwise called the ‘boring apparatus’ in light of the fact that the shape resembles the eye of a drill. The primary elements of cerorot are rice flour and earthy colored sugar.

With that blend, the taste is straightforward yet habit-forming. Try not to stress over not having the option to satisfy your fixation, you can discover cerorot in the conventional market in Mandalika.

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