A Complete and Useful Guide about Diving Hurghada

Many live boards going to the south area of the Red Sea originally from Hurghada. Here person can dive into the famous points. However, these places are stocked for experienced divers. Some of the dive going to the northern part of the red sea of the many famous parts.

People mostly book the advance live boards in the red sea due to affordability and the easy way of booking. If anyone wants to resist the crowded areas of dive sites or a big fan of scuba diving then visits this area. Moreover, this area also provided smaller rate of hotels and resorts.

The best time to visit for Diving HurghadaPeople love to visit this place all over the year. However, the temperature of the air and water can extremely throughout the year. Let’s explore more information about it.

  • Water temperature: From July to September, this is the summer season called the hottest months of the year the temperature of the water is 28 ° c.
  • The cold days in the winter and the water temperature is about 21° c
  • October to November the temperature remains between 25 °c to 27° c
  • The water is warm in March to June 22 to 25° c

Air temperature: In the winter, season 15 ° c to 35 ° c.

April to October is summertime and thetemperature remains20 to 45 ° c.

Now take a look at hit tips– There is no best season for diving in RedSea. However,  if a person doesn’t like the crowded areas then try to resist the high season from March to May and September to November.

Terms and Conditions

The conditions are wonderful in the North Red Sea. Firstly, let’s talk about visibility: A person can predict a good perception all of the year. The ranges from 20 to 30 meters, which depend on the dive sites.

Water temperature: February is the coldest month about 21 ° c. In December and January, it’s about 22° c. If a person looks for the warm weather, he must prefer to visit June to September.

Current: This is a good site to learn scuba diving.

Divingsafety: If a person is planning for the upcoming trip to visit this place then this is a good idea to infuse in the travel safety for scuba diving due to several reasons.  In diving safety is very important as a person will never know what theyneed and what happens. So a person should invest in this Diving Hurghada insurance by the reasons this also provide quality insurance and medical services

Living option

A person should use the website to booking in hotels at Hurghada as these hotels most of the low cost. It also provides a good option like free to cancel the booking or change the date.

The place Rosalie Moller wreck is the super place for diving. However, this is deep with 50 meters, and there is a reserved for the experienced and full of knowledge drivers. The life of the marine is incredible with lots of fishes.

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