A Guide to Your Tasmanian Holiday

When we say white sand beaches, jagged mountains, and untouched wilderness, what do you picture?

Most Australians would think of their native country.

But for those who are not from the land Down Under, this imagery calls to mind a dream destination that simply does not exist on Earth. 

Well, we’re here (and so are the Australians) to tell you that this place does exist.

It’s called Tasmania. 

For the answer to the question, “Where is Tasmania?” and why you should book your next holiday here, read on!

Where Is Tasmania?

Planning a Tasmanian holiday requires you to know where it is. So, where is Tasmania located? 

Tasmania is located 150 miles south of mainland Australia.

You can get there by plane or ferry. Flights depart every day from Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane and arrive in Hobart, the capital, as well as other Tasmanian cities.

Getting Around Tasmania

Before arriving in Tasmania, it’s a good idea to figure out your means of transportation for the duration of your trip.

Private tours in Tasmania are great for killing two birds with one stone. Enjoy pre-arranged transportation while experiencing the most that the island has to offer. 

Tasmanian tours range in duration from a couple of hours to the entirety of your trip. 

Tasmania also offers many activities for days when you do not have a tour planned or if you enjoy exploring independently.

Explore Freycinet National Park

Freycinet National Park is an awe-inspiring and picturesque peninsula located on the east coast of Tasmania. 

Home to The Hazards, a pink granite mountain range, this rugged region contrasts beautifully with its pristine blue waters. 

Discover scenic mountain pathways that lead you to a panoramic view of Wineglass Bay and its serene Wineglass Bay Beach.

Then, relax and recuperate at one of Australia’s most luxurious lodges overlooking the peninsula.

Ride Horses Outside of Hobart

One of the hallmarks of Tasmanian travel is reveling in the island’s natural beauty. An exciting way of doing this is horse riding. 

Horse riding holidays in Tasmania are popular around Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania.

With more than 18 horse riding locations in the Hobart area, what better way to discover Tasmania’s natural beauty than to do it from the top of a horse?  

Eat Your Way Around Bruny Island

Bruny Island is a quiet, wooded haven home to some of the finest culinary establishments in the world.

Try oysters fresh from Great Bay to uncover a new meaning of farm-to-table dining. 

Delight your senses to world-class breweries and wineries offering beverage and cheese tastings.

Then, treat yourself to cafe-style seafood platters only available in this region of the world.

Uncover History in One of Tasmania’s Oldest Cities

Planning a holiday in Tasmania would not be complete without a trip to Launceston in the North of Tasmania. 

Offering hiking trails around Cataract Gorge, a large museum, and scenic vineyards, this riverside village is rich in charm.

Book Your Holiday in Tasmania Today

After learning about a handful of the things that this Australian island has to offer, we are pretty desperate to visit the Land Down Under. 

If you’re anything like us, then the sound of rugged terrain, white-sand beaches, and remote natural beauty turns “Where is Tasmania?” into “How can I get there right now?”

To prepare yourself with tips and news about all of the far-off places your future travels may take you, check out our blog! 

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