A Magical Night at A San Jose Dinner Theatre

The local dinner theater gives visitors and residents of the area an incredible opportunity to enjoy an impeccable meal and watch as a murder mystery unfolds. All guests have the option to get involved in the investigation and solve the crime.

A Fun Night at the Hilton in San Jose

Patrons in the San Jose area can enjoy a wonderful evening at the local Hilton attending the latest instalment of the murder mysteries. Three times a month, the theater hosts a new show that offers a modern-day crime story that the audience and the investigators solve together. When attending the theater, all guests should be dressed in dressy casual attire per the theater’s dress code. Patrons that want to learn more about a night at The Dinner Detective start by visiting the theater’s website.

What Is Included in Your Meal?

With the four-course meal, guests start their evening with the chef’s choice of appetizers and a salad. The Juniper house salad includes green leaves, crumbled goat cheese, cranberries, candied pecans, and sherry vinaigrette.

The patrons get the choice of entree which includes oven braised chicken, pan-roasted salmon, and roasted vegan pasta. The chef’s choices of dessert include strawberry shortcake or bread pudding. All guests have their choice of beverages, and they have access to iced tea and coffee all throughout the evening. There is also a full bar that offers beer, wine, and a wide array of cocktails.

Solve a Modern Murder Case

The story producers create a modern-day murder mystery that is appealing to more mature audiences, and at some point, during the dinner, a crime is committed. Characters from the show present new details and clues for the current show to help the audience figure out the mystery. All guests have the option to participate or to just sit back and enjoy the show, and at the end of the night, guests who solve the crime or get closest to the right answer win a prize.

What Do You Need to Attend the Theater?

All guests who come to the theater must bring a photo ID that shows their age. They must have a confirmation page for their reservation before they can enter the dinner theater. The theater requires all attendees to be at least 15 years old, and teenagers must be accompanied by an adult.

Where Do You Book Your Reservations?

When booking their reservations, the patrons visit the venue’s website and choose the murder mystery that interests them the most. Next, they select the total number of guests that will be coming with them to the dinner theater. The tickets are added to the cart, and the customer completes the checkout process. At the end of the checkout, their confirmation page will appear.

Dinner theatres provide a terrific dinner and a show. The local dinner theater in San Jose offers a four-course meal that includes gourmet dishes and dessert selected by the chef. After the dinner, the show begins, and the characters tell the audience the story. 

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