And the winner is…

So we finally made a decision where to spend our first month of adventure. Sri Lanka!

A visit to the osteopath threw up this gem of a suggestion and after only a little research we realised the ‘teardrop of the ocean’ would be the perfect destination for us. Beautiful beaches, pristine surf, culture and history, mouthwatering cuisine and did we mention AMAZING wildlife. Blue whales, leopards, elephants, monkeys and buffalo to name just a few!

Needless to say we are super excited for this trip! The best part is we can relax and soak it all in over Christmas and New Year knowing that our business will be ticking over and taking care of us while we’re on holiday. “How on earth does that happen?” I hear you cry! Well this crazy year have given us so many opportunities and one of them was to get involved with an amazing company that allows us to build residual income from wherever we are in the world.

On a final note we need your advice. If anyone has been to Sri Lanka and has any recommendations or friends over there we can connect with/stay with/hang out with please reply below!

Happy Christmas from The Freedom Travellers! Keep an eye out for our next post all the way from beautiful Sri Lanka.

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