Make the Most of Your Miami Beach Experience

Miami Beach operates at a different speed than some other travel destinations. If you’re looking for a serene and quiet getaway to a private and secluded beach destination, Miami Beach is not the right place for your vacation. Miami Beach is one of the busiest and most international beach destinations in the United States. If offers beautiful beaches with tropical temperatures and warm waters, really beautiful people, and no shortage of amazing things to do and places to go. When you’re somewhere that isn’t quite like any other place in the country, you should take advantage of experiencing what makes it unique to the fullest extent possible. Here’s some helpful advice about how you can maximize your Miami Beach vacation.

Get Out on the Water

Miami Beach is surrounded by water on both sides, so even though it’s almost always hot and humid, there’s always a cross breeze that keeps it feeling cooler than mainland Miami. The air around you has a distinctly fresh and stirring quality. It’s a feature of Miami Beach that somebody hailing from a cloistered major metro city is sure to appreciate. The best place to enjoy fresh air in Miami is out on the water. It’s also an amazing way to see the city skyline and the small islands that surround Miami Beach.

Going out on a boat, the best way to go is in true Miami Beach style. Choose a yacht that’s fully equipped to deliver an amazing experience for you and your party. Try to make a reservation far in advance of your trip; most importantly, avoid salespeople on the street pushing boat tours. Those types of excursions are kind of like sightseeing buses, and they don’t offer you the opportunity to really enjoy being out on the water. Hitting the water like a real Miamian means yachting with all the amenities.  Be conscientious about following proper tropical boat yacht etiquette so you don’t come off like a lame tourist. If you want to party like a boss in Miami Beach, you have to act the part.

Meet Your Fellow Tourists

One aspect of Miami Beach that really sets it apart from other places in the country is it’s so international. Of course, Spanish and Portuguese are commonly spoken among residents and tourists alike. However, Miami Beach is also a particularly popular destination for European and Asian tourists as well. When you’re out on the beach, you may hear half a dozen languages spoken at any given time. Staying in Miami Beach, you have the opportunity to meet interesting people from all over the world. There’s amazing people watching to be done, but you also have to be prepared to be watched yourself. In fact, if you come from a place where passersby tend to avoid eye contact, you may find your first experiences strolling around Miami Beach to be somewhat surprising. Overall, Miami Beach is an extraordinarily friendly place. If you and your party tend to keep to yourselves while on vacation, consider treating Miami Beach a little differently and try to have fun meeting new people.

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