Malaga and Marbella: Two jewels that you’d always want to come back to

Even in times of a pandemic, there is no doubt that Marbella and Malaga continue to be two tourist gems that shine regardless of adversity. Thinking about this pair of cities, no matter what season it is, means thinking about the beauty of the port, about experiences that range from the best family deals to the most exclusive that the whole of Spain can offer its most VIP clients.

Two cities in one single travel is a call for adventure!

Malaga and Marbella are one of those tourist destinations that can be disorienting for foreign visitors due to their wide range of possibilities and things to see and visit. And the fact is that the proximity between the two cities, which makes them a kind of huge city as a whole, does not prevent the difference between one and the other from being quite palpable.

Any tourist will easily find transfer services that suit their needs, and will also have the option of hiring a car rental service. For those who have less experience in visiting foreign countries, it is highly recommended to seek and use transfer services so as not to have to drive on their own, thus giving the traveler the freedom to move through a Malaga to Marbella transfer service without having to worry about things like finding a parking lot.

Two-in-one! You get the best of two kinds of experiences

Although it is true that Malaga and Marbella are two quite close places, and that both cities are two vacation gems, the truth is that the main offer of one and the other are aimed at completely different audiences; Malaga is better geared towards family vacations, while Marbella boasts some of the best restaurants and most exclusive locations on the entire coast.

The fact that Marbella and Malaga, two of the biggest tourist spots in Spain (and Europe), are so close to each other, makes it easier for adventurous travelers who enjoy a variety of experiences. Both cities have museums, sunny beaches, representative squares and many monuments worth visiting. While Malaga is famous for its fairs and wines, Marbella instead offers a greater variety when it comes to the gourmet part of the experience.

And of course you cannot miss the events that regularly take place in these places. Malaga, especially in summer, is famous for having large open and pleasant spaces in which all kinds of concerts are held. Networks play a fundamental role in keeping you informed of all these events!

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