Meghalaya has 5 amazing places to explore

Meghalaya is a sloping state situated in North East India. It is one of seven sister provinces of India. Meghalaya, interpreted from the Hindi word “residence of mists”, implies This beguiling state, consistent with its name, will stun you with its lavish green valleys and thick backwoods, high precipitation, just as its different bio-variety. Meghalaya is more than the green scenes and storm clouds. Meghalaya is encircled by the Khasi Garo, Jaintia, and Jaintia mountains. This region offers an interesting encounter of pristine regular excellence. There are many spots to see in Meghalaya tourpackages, including magnificent slopes and wonderful cascades.


Cherrapunji is the wettest spot-on Earth. It additionally gets the most precipitation in India. Cherrapunji’s most famous cascades, the Dain-Thlen and Kynrem cascades draw a large number of travelers every year.
Living-Root scaffolds and Mawsmai cave are the primary attractions of Cherrapunji. There are likewise hypnotizing cascades, Ecopark, and the Garden of Caves. Cherrapunji is quite possibly the most well-known places of interest in Meghalaya.

Balpakram National Park

Balpakram National Park is second on our rundown. This National Park is a heaven for explorers. Local people and vacationers allude to this space as the “Place where there is Spirits”.
You can spot wild creatures like the Red Panda, Tiger, Deer, and Tiger in this National Park. This National Park is a heaven for natural life picture takers and untamed life sweethearts.
This Park is an absolute necessity in Meghalaya. This Park is frequently contrasted with the Grand Canyon of the USA by sightseers.


Shillong is warmly called the Scotland of East. It is a famous place of interest in Meghalaya and ought to be on each explorer’s rundown. It is a long way from the clamoring life. The forested slopes, wonderful environment, and grand magnificence draw in numerous vacationers and travelers from everywhere the globe. Neighborhood clans that live in Shillong incorporate Maharam, Mylliem, and Langrim.
Shillong Peak, Elephant Falls, Lady Hydari Park, Wards, Lake, Don Bosco Museum, are only a couple of the most famous places of interest.
Shillong, the primary air terminal for Meghalaya, is situated in Shillong. There are numerous activities in Shillong that will make your vacation extraordinary.

Elephant Falls

All around the express, the thick backwoods of the Meghalaya evergreens are found. Meghalaya is likewise well known for its fantastic cascades. Meghalaya’s feature is Elephant Falls. Elephant Falls is named after the elephant-formed stone that it has at its feet. This is one the most excellent places in Meghalaya and perhaps the most visited falls in the North-East.
Khasi individuals call the glorious Elephant Falls ‘Ka Kshaid Lai PatangKhohsiew’. This signifies “The Three-Step Waterfalls” since the falls comprise of three delightful falls.

Living Root Bridge

Living Root Bridge, made of roots from an Indian elastic tree, is a notable scaffold. It is one of Meghalaya’s most well-known vacation destinations. This extension, situated in Cherrapunji at a stature of 2400 feet, is 3 km long. Living Root connect was worked around 200 years prior.

Partake in the Umshiang River streaming under the scaffold as you walk around the extension. This is quite possibly the most picturesque strolls in North East India. This spot merits a visit in case you’re on your Honeymoon.

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