Reasons why you should visit Ireland in 2020

Though we may be on a worldwide lockdown right now over the coronavirus, we think that it is important to look ahead to the future, and to times when we can travel. Considering a visit to Europe? We recommend adding Ireland to your itinerary, and below, we’ve offered you some of the reasons why a trip to the Emerald Isles will prove to be particularly rewarding…

Stunning castles

Perhaps one of the biggest stop-off points you’ll find in Ireland is its stunning castles, each with its own personality and fascinating history. From the haunted and gothic castles to those which appear more imposing and stately, the country’s steeped in history and these buildings are the living embodiment of that. Blarney Castle in County Cork, for example, is one of the country’s most visited, famous for the Blarney Stone legend, that suggests you’ll receive the gift of eternal eloquence if you kiss it. Make sure you research before you travel so that you can visit all of the hard-hitters on your next trip; if you’re into architecture, you’ll be spoiled!

Shop until you drop

Traveling wouldn’t be half as fun without some retail therapy, so make sure you save up plenty if you’re planning an international trip. Ireland is home to thousands of gift shops catering to tourists from around the world, but we recommend jumping off the beaten track and looking for hidden gems dotted around the country’s many great cities. Dingle Crystal, for example, is an unassuming crystal factory with stunning original crystal creations by an extraordinary artisan, whilst locally-made Celtic cross jewelry is something else to consider.

Jawdropping scenery

Head away from the hustle and bustle of city life and breathe in Ireland’s magnificent scenery, sights that really must be witnessed in person to be believed. There are postcard-worthy shots around every corner, from the stunning Rock of Cashel to the Ring of Kerry, there is so much to drink in. Bring your camera and a good pair of walking boots, as you’ll want to explore every nook and cranny of this beautiful country on your next trip.

Head to the pub

It would be pretty tough to spend a weekend in Ireland without heading to one of the many pubs for a witty conversation with a local and a delicious cold pint. Ireland has a reputation for its delicious lagers and stouts, so ask for the local specialty and give it a go. If you’re staying for a couple of nights, look out for the pubs with live music – traditional and modern acts take to the stage to perform, and it’s a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t forget.

If you’re planning a trip to Ireland, follow our advice and we’re sure you’ll have a whale of a time. Follow the island’s beating heart: its people, its energy, its landscapes, and you will make memories that will last a lifetime, meeting people who will change your mindset.

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