Should I Go To Tanzania?

Tanzania is part of faraway Africa, which most tourists are not familiar with at all. It can not be called a mass destination, although, in recent years, the number of tourists has increased. But mainly travelers come here, who have already been to many places and want to see something exotic and unusual. And also, lovers of wildlife who want to see with their own eyes the wild animals in their natural environment, migration. The sight is very strong.

Why so few tourists decide to visit Tanzania.

  1. Africa is primarily associated with all kinds of diseases: malaria, cholera, yellow fever. And vaccine-related formalities scare away doubly. So the question is, is it worth the risk ?!
  2. The lack of direction. Many have no idea what to do in Tanzania, but for the sake of the sea, you can fly to a closed country.
  3. There is no direct flight. I will not argue for all tourists, but all people, still love simple flights. Moreover, many tourists from the regions fly through one country to another, and this is one change.
  4. Tanzania is an expensive vacation. Flight, accommodation on the shores of the Indian Ocean in Zanzibar, safari for a few days with overnight stays. All this comes in a very round amount. And saving in Tanzania is not worth it, it’s more expensive for yourself.

So, is it worth it to fly on vacation to Tanzania ?! What is so great about her and what can she surprise ?!

What are the safaris in Tanzania?

How much a safari in Tanzania will cost will depend on many factors, including the size of the tourist group. By the duration of the trip, safari on the African savannah is usually divided into several categories:

  1. One-day safaris. From the name, it becomes clear that the tour lasts one day. The average cost of such a safari in Tanzania is from 100 to 200 dollars per person.
  2. The second category is the so-called ” Budget Safari “. The average duration of such a tour is three days and a couple of nights, the cost per person varies between 350-500 dollars.

The indisputable advantage of this Tanzania safari option is that you can visit several interesting places at once, and not one, as with a one-day safari.

  1. Classic savannah safari. In this option, the cost of a safari in Tanzania varies from 500 to 700 dollars, and it lasts an average of 5 days.

It is also worth mentioning that when answering the question of how much the safari in Tanzania will cost, you need to consider what kind of safari you will order. Safaris are divided by the number of participants into individual and group, respectively, an individual option will cost more!

Tanzania deserves to be visited. But it’s important to understand who it is suitable for. My opinion: families with young children, senior citizens and all tourists who prefer a quiet relaxing holiday in Tanzania have nothing to do. But active travelers who crave adventure here will like it.

Tanzania is very green and colorful. These are wild animals, safaris, savannahs, and Mount Kilimanjaro. And even though Tanzania is Africa, I would not call it impoverished and dirty. The streets are clean, the local mostly neat and well-groomed. Everyone is doing his own thing, someone is selling fruit on the street, someone is fishing and taking the catch to the fish market.

The sea, the exotic, the life of residents, all this is good, but the main goal of tourists is safari. Tanzania has many national parks where this is organized. In some, you can go for one day, if the budget does not allow (entrance ticket $ 50). But usually, it is a fabricated finished package, designed for 3-5 days.

What is most amazing, you will live in the center of the national park, leaving your room before your eyes giraffes, zebras will walk, run through lions and antelopes. The most unpleasant thing for me personally is the process of hunting them, it’s very unfortunate when they dealt with the caught victim before your eyes. The site is not for the faint of heart. Particularly impressionable depart for a very long time.

The safari has its own rules of behavior, the guide necessarily tells about them.

By the way, in national parks hunting for wild animals is allowed. Similarly, there are few where. Rates are of course very high: a zebra of $ 950, an elephant of $ 23,000, a lion of $ 5500. Entertainment for very wealthy tourists.

In addition to Safari, you can go diving in Tanzania. Usually, they go to Zanzibar to the capital of Stone Town, the main diving center. The most favorite dive sites are:

  1. Boribi Reef – maximum depth of 30 meters. This is where you can see real sharks.
  2. Page Reef – maximum depth 15 meters. Great place to learn diving. There are many tropical fish and corals in this place. At the bottom lies a sunken British ship from the beginning of 1900.
  3. The island of Mnemba– is uninhabited, therefore, in this place the most beautiful corals and reefs. But usually already experienced divers come here.

For those who want in Tanzania, in addition to outdoor activities, lie down to bask in the sun, it is also worth stopping in Zanzibar. Here are the best white beaches. The most popular, as from the Bounty advertisement, is Nungwi Beach in the north of the island. There are hotels of different stars, but most are 5 *. Many tourist accommodation facilities operate on an all-inclusive basis. Umbrellas, sun loungers, mattresses, beach towels are provided free of charge.

What I want to note is that there is practically nothing for children in hotels, usually, these are babysitting services (on request). Somewhere there are mini-clubs, but they are very modest. So keep that in mind.

Tanzania is an ecologically clean country. There are practically no industrial enterprises. And what can be called industry is agriculture and mining. The air is very clean. The only moment is water quality, but many African countries suffer from this. Therefore, during your trip, you need to use only bottled water for drinking, brushing your teeth, and washing fruits.

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