Tastes Great! Here are 6 Typical Foods of Mandalika Lombok

If you visit Lombok, it is incomplete if you do not do a culinary tour to taste the delicious local food. In addition to the famous Taliwang chicken, there are also culinary delights that you must try, especially in the Mandalika area of ​​Lombok. Here are six typical Mandalika Lombok foods with a great taste that you must try.

1. Rarang Chicken

For those of you who like spicy food, you can try rarang chicken, which is grilled chicken with balado seasoning and red cayenne pepper that seeps into the chicken’s fiber. This rarang chicken has a spicy taste. The cooking process and the ingredients for rarang chicken is unique because the chicken is grilled on the stove. As for the main ingredient, the kind of chicken you must use is free-range young chicken. Rarang chicken is usually served with fried soybeans and clear vegetables.

2. RembigaSatay

Sate Rembiga comes from the name of a village of Rembiga, which is near the former Selaparang Airport. While satay is generally served with peanut sauce, rembiga satay is served without peanut sauce. The aroma and taste are so very distinctive and addictive. Before the satay is stacked on a skewer and grilled, the beef sate rembiga will be marinated for three hours, then served with rice cake, vegetable plecing, or urap – urap.

3. Ares

Ares is a typical food from Mandalika made from young banana stems. Not just any young banana, the bananas used to make these ares dishes are kepok bananas or plantains. They are processed using special spices mixed with coconut milk so that this dish creates a taste of a combination of sweet and savory. In the past, this dish was only to be found at weddings of the indigenous Sasak tribe. But now, you can easily find it in Mandalika restaurants.

4. Jaje Tujak

Initially Poteng jaje tujak was called a special food because it was only served on holidays. This food is still available in certain stalls for foreign tourists who are visiting. The meaning of the name poteng jaje tujak in Indonesian is a mashed snack, which is made from glutinous rice flour mixed with a mixture of suji and pandan leaves. There is a philosophy that is believed by the local community before making poteng jaje tujak, that the maker of this dish must be in a “holy” state.

5. Bebalung

The main ingredient of this bebalung is beef or buffalo ribs mixed with Mandalika special spices. Bebalung is categorized on special menus such as ares because these dishes must be served on every big day and celebration, and is usually served in a bowl with rice on a separate plate. In shape, Babalung is similar to beef rib soup or beef soup. It will be more delicious if eaten while it is warm, especially if it is the rainy season.

6. Tanjung Satay

Tanjung Satay is made of skipjack or lang lang fish, which you can easily find along the Tanjung Village road Lombok — if you want to buy. Because of its delicious taste, Tanjung Satay  is the favorite of the Mandalika community. This satay is made from fish that is processed by combining spices that are rich in flavor and blend with the tenderness of the fish meat. So this tanjung satay is only served with rice cake without using any sauce.

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