The Ban Gioc waterfalls: a beautiful landscape to see

The Ban Gioc Waterfall is an absolutely fabulous site. The spectacular Ban Gioc Falls are located in the border area between China and Vietnam. They occupy the fourth place in size of the border falls and are considered within the ten most beautiful in the world. Its waters descend vertiginously from a height that exceeds 53 meters and is around 300 meters wide, which when falling produces a deafening sound.

A natural wonder

The Ban Gioc Falls are considered the largest in Southeast Asia and occupy a privileged place after the Iguazu, Victoria and Niagara Falls. They are surrounded by lush jungles with uneven terrain that are home to all kinds of species of fauna and flora. From a hydrological point of view, the Ban Gioc waterfalls divide their waters into primary and secondary waterfalls, which are distributed over several levels. It means that they form several terraces, which give rise to a spectacular lake. Swimming is not allowed. It can be accessed in small boats.

The Poetry of the Ban Gioc Falls

In the distance, it appears as if the Ban Gioc Falls descended in slow motion to collide with the turquoise blue limestone rock. Meanwhile, the sun’s rays sprinkle rainbow drops of water that succumb to the emerald green of timeless jungles. These waterfalls have always been a source of inspiration, especially in the field of painting, literature and cinema. They are the ideal destination for those seeking idyllic, fascinating and natural landscapes. It is undoubtedly a wonderful and appropriate space to let your imagination fly.

A legend of love

Around the Ban Gioc waterfalls there is a legend that tells us about their origin. They say that in the distant past, a young and beautiful maiden fell deeply in love with a villager. The prince of the kingdom wanted her, but before the lady’s refusal, he decided to kidnap her and confine her in the tower of his castle. At one point, defying the prince and facing all kinds of dangers, the villager managed to rescue his beloved and together they fled amid a terrible storm. When the rains finally stopped, the town discovered two huge waterfalls where the couple had last seen each other.

How to visit them?

To visit the Ban Gioc waterfalls, the best alternative is to do it from the city of Cao Bang. There you can get public transport. The ticket costs approximately five US dollars and the journey takes approximately two hours. Another alternative is to rent a motorcycle. The cost of admission to the Ban Gioc falls is approximately two US dollars and the place is open all year round. The area has accommodation at really cheap prices, so it is worth spending the night there.


The advantage is that you can visit the falls at sunrise and avoid the crowds. The most convenient time to visit them is between June and February since at this time is when they present a greater flow of water. Right next to the Ban Gioc waterfalls is an old temple that serves as a viewpoint, and from where you can see the entire landscape with its incredible mountains.

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