What does freedom mean to you?

When The Freedom Travellers was born we took some time to really work out what we wanted out of life and the one thing that came up time and time again was, you’ve guessed it, freedom. Hence the name!

The freedom to live every day how we chose. The freedom to jump on a plane and go wherever we wanted whenever we wanted. The freedom to wake up to no alarm. The freedom to build our dreams rather than someone else’s.

So what does it really mean to be free and how many of us can say we have discovered true freedom?

We quickly established what freedom meant to us but it can mean something different for everyone. We asked some of our favourite people this question – “What does freedom mean to you?”


“I used to think that I had freedom. I felt lucky. I now see that my freedom was limited to the box in which I lived my life. Real freedom for me is living outside that box. It’s having REAL choice to wake up every day and choose how I live my life. A swim in the middle of the day. Working when and from wherever I want. The freedom to explore the world. To spend time with friends and family wherever they are. To invest time in things that make me happy. It’s having the time and money to give back to the world and those that really need it without having to compromise on my own aspirations. Freedom to me is having the ability to dream up how I want to live my life and know that it is entirely possible. To let my mind wander and weave a beautiful life and know that one day I’ll be living my daydreams.”

Kelli & Sam

“Freedom for our family is about having choice and no money stress. Having nowhere to be but where we want to be. Travelling the globe as a family unit and allowing travel to be our children’s education.”


“Freedom is making a living doing what you love. It’s spending time with people you want to spend time with.  It’s being able to truly play presently and openly with your children. It’s following your heart spontaneously and living in the moment. It’s about setting goals but then letting them go. It’s about allowing each day to unfold in front of you. It’s surrendering the need to control.  It’s knowing you are not your thoughts but the space in between them. It’s walking towards your pain not away from it. It’s about voyaging into the unknown. Freedom can be frightening. Freedom means trusting. To live a free life takes courage, but it makes you feel alive!


“Freedom to me means having the time and money to do what I want, when I want. To travel and see the world. To help others less fortunate. To have time to do the things I love like yoga, surf and practice speaking Italian. Hell, why not in Italy!? To be able to help my family and to do all this while hanging out meeting fabulous new people…yes please!”


“Freedom to me is the ability to spend unlimited time with friends, family and myself with no consequences. Freedom means I can live a life free from stress and worry and full of love and adventures. Having a life of freedom makes you one of the richest people on the planet because you have time to be and that is priceless.”


“Freedom means leading a lifestyle that allows you to be you. Choosing your own journey, whatever that may be. And embracing the opportunities and challenges that come when things are not in your control.”

So we pose the same question to you. What does freedom mean to you? If time and money were of no object what would you be doing? Picture your ideal day in your head. What does it look like? Dream big.

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